Dane Robbins, principle digital marketing consultant at FLUENT, LLC has been in the field of digital marketing since 2000.  Having worked in an authoritative digital marketing role for more than 15 years, Dane has learned to successfully bridge the gap between business-focused marketing objectives and highly complicated technology platforms to achieve results. 

Dane's education includes a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale and a master of arts in marketing from Webster University.  In addition to his digital experience, Dane has worked in the areas of professional copywriting, marketing research, and creative management, among other roles.  A rare skillset for many business professionals, Dane has developed professional level experience in information technologies and is a fluent programmer for languages such as Java, .NET, and PHP.  These combined business and technology skills have enabled Dane to communicate well with both business leaders and technology professionals required for successful digital projects.

In late 2008 Dane founded FLUENT, LLC, an independent consulting practice specializing in rapidly growing e-marketing technologies.  FLUENT LLC has steadily expanded its client list to include companies in the travel, medical, and financial industries.  FLUENT LLC continues to serve its clients through retainer agreements, hourly consulting arrangements and project based work, and is currently in development of several web based e-marketing products for use by clients and to the general public.

Fluent LLC is a results-oriented marketing and technology consultancy based in St. Louis, Missouri.  We help our clients find and engage audiences using smarter, behavior-driven technologies including e-mail, mobile, and social applications.  Our clients benefit from our expertise in Email Marketing, E-mail Design, Lead Generation, Blogging and Content Creation, and a wealth of other Digital Marketing services.