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Timothy Webb, President of Caradonna Dive Adventures

A testimonial from Timothy Webb

President, Caradonna Dive Adventures

Dane is a pleasure to work for and is able to adapt well with various departments are areas of ones business. Which gives him the insight and the ability to work well with all departments and different types of people. Dane is up to date with his knowledge on what is happening in the E-Commerce World and stays current. In addition he is able to provide solutions for what ever time frame and budget you are working with. Dane is networked well and if its something out of his area, he can tap into this network and provide insightful information with a quick turn around time. Dane has great ethics and is a pleasure to work with. You will find the above attributes but I cannot say enough about integrity, and having the comfort level of working with a someone you can trust as much as Dane, as a consultant, he takes ownership in all of the projects like he would if it were his own company.

An asset to any organization.